BAEWATCH Sunga Life Guard Fanny Pack for Beach or Festival | Sunga Life

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The Fanny Pack is Back!
The BAEWATCH Festival Fanny Pack proves what's fun, what's functional, and what's stylish do not have to be mutually exclusive!
  • Go Hands-Free. No Pockets, No Problem, with this BAEWATCH Sunga Life Guard Festival Fanny Pack
  • Authentic Vintage 80's Style
  • Durable, PU Leather Built To Last Through Countless Festivals And Beach Days
  • Water Resistant In Case of Rain, Sweat, Or Fountains.
  • Multiple Compartments Carry Everything You Need For An Epic Outing. Easy Access To Everything You Need Without Jumbling Through Everything
  • Hidden Inside Pocket To Secure What Matters Most
  • Unisex One Size Fits All
  • Fashionable & Fun. Fortunately, This Beach Waist Pack Proves What's Functional And What's Stylish Don't Have To Be Mutually Exclusive.
  • Bunda Not Included With This BAEWATCH Fanny.