The 38 Challenge at Rocky Steps

The 38 Challenge at Rocky Steps

Sunga Life took part in The 38 Challenge in Philadelphia at the Rocky steps during the inaugural Army Navy Football game.

Founded in memory of Captain Matthew Brewer, The 38 Challenge’s mission is to eliminate suicide through challenging the stigma associated with seeking help and showing vulnerability. Matt Brewer was an incredible athlete, a decorated marine, and most importantly, a loving son and brother. Tragically, Matt took his own life due to the effects of suspected CTE and PTSD.Captain Matt Brewer

The purpose of The 38 Challenge is for members of society to voluntarily place themselves in an uncomfortable situation and to lean on one another when suffering. We believe this same approach must be taken in order to break the mental health stigma ingrained into warrior culture.

The work out involved running the Rocky Steps for 38 minutes, and at the top you would do 38 squats, 38 push ups, and 38 sit ups, then run down the steps and continue on. Over 100 military veterans and patriots took part in this epic challenge to honor Matt Brewer.

Matt’s brother Brandt founded the 38 Challenge and designed the work outs to honor him, and chose the number 38 as it was the number Matt wore as a linebacker at the Naval Academy. 


It was a great way to honor our fallen and suffer together with our brothers before the Army Navy Tailgating began and a great game that went into double overtime before Army ended up winning in double overtime. 

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