About Us

Sunga Life is all about Freedom! Our swimwear captures the essence and flavor of Brazil while displaying the individuality, self-confidence, and Patriotism of the Red, White, and Blue. Sungas were popularized in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil and have now made their way to the USA. You can expect a sunga to be the most comfortable swimwear you ever put on, and doing so allows your thighs to get the healthy tan they've always wanted. "Sunga" is Brazilian Portuguese for "Speedo", except these ridiculously comfortable ball jackets are a hybrid between shorts and speedos, and are the brain-child of former Navy SEAL Jeff Gum who fell in love with sungas after his travels throughout Brazil.  

He couldn't believe all the incredible benefits of wearing sungas and what an incredible secret he had stumbled upon. White thighs were a thing of the past. While swimming and diving with dolphins and whale sharks he felt like Michael Phelps in the water now that board shorts weren't dragging him down. Another benefit he soon realized was that they dry super fast and he no longer had to walk around in a soggy pair of wet shorts after swimming. However, the biggest advantage he found was that girls LOVE a confident man in a sunga, the same way guys find a Brazilian bikini sexy on a woman. It literally becomes an unfair advantage at any pool or beach party, and they are very open about telling you about it.

After returning from Brazil, he was selected for The Honor Foundation. The elite Navy SEAL program focused on transitioning operators to the private sector, which taught him the necessary skills to found his own company and put his passions into action. One of those being: don't allow anything to hold you back in life... especially an oversized pair of board shorts! 

After several awesome sungas were designed, creating other fun products that fit in perfectly with the Sunga Life Style Brand were the next order. Polarized and Floating Patriot Shades Sunglasses, Multifunctional Headbands, and Fanny Packs to carry all your stuff when you're wearing a sunga were soon developed. The newest products now include bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, board shorts, and silkies all in the same awesome prints as the sungas. With Sunga Life- what's fun, what's stylish, and what's functional are never mutually exclusive. Showcasing the Red, White, and Blue is always a priority with our gear. We like to say, "If you're going to Peacock, do it like a Patriot"! 

It's your turn to live the Sunga Life. Fortune favors the bold. Whether you’re free diving in Hawaii, pool partying in Vegas, or catching rays at Croatia Yacht Week, Let Freedom Ring!