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Recon Marine Rudy Reyes, Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke, and British SAS Mark “Billy” Billingham  premiere on SPECIAL FORCES FOX- WORLD’S TOUGHEST TEST.  16 celebrities go through different tough challenges based out of Jordan and being led by this legendary team of Special Forces Veterans.    

Sunga Life took part in the 38 Challenge in Philadelphia at the Rocky steps during the inaugural Army Navy Football game. Founded in memory of Captain Matthew Brewer, The 38 Challenge’s mission is to eliminate suicide through challenging the stigma associated with seeking help and showing vulnerability.
Danish Frogmen have spent the last two weeks in Miami training MMA at Fight Sports Miami and wore Sunga Life while they trained. It was a great reunion with the founder of Sunga Life, his Danish Counterparts from Copenhagen, and Mitch Aguiar 'The Smashin Frog' who came down from Virginia Beach for training.