Heroes work & The Honor Foundation (THF) Swim for SOF September the 17th.

Heroes work & The Honor Foundation (THF) Swim for SOF September the 17th.


The Honor Foundation (THF) Swim for SOF September the 17th in San Diego, CA.

Sunga Life is proud to sponsor The Honor Foundation’s Swim for Special Operations Forces.

Jeff, having been an Operator, was able to transition from the battlefield to the boardroom with ease using the skills he learned having been in Cohort Five of THF and completing 120 hours of professional development & executive education at their past headquarters UCSD Rady Business School and took several technology treks to San Francisco, Seattle, & Washington DC with them. They also connected him with faculty at UCLA Anderson where he went to business school and helped give him the tools to create Sunga Life. Because of this he donated silkies and helped with the design so everyone could look great while doing this epic and historic challenge. 

 Patriots start the event at the rocks in front of Hotel Del Coronado where SEALs are made doing rock portage, an event in Basic Underwater SEAL Training where SEAL Trainees paddle inflatable boats up in front of the rocks and then have to work as a team to pull the 200lb boats up out of the water to a secure footing. 

 Patriots start here with giant american flags and run through BUDs Beach and across the highway to the bay where they line up in front of the Naked Warrior Statue, which honors the original Frogmen, the predecessors to the Navy SEALs that cleared beaches in UDT shorts, a knife, fins, dive mask, and explosives. From there the Patriots swim 3.5 miles with a stop halfway to knock out push ups and pull ups to honor our fallen brothers. They continue on and finish at the historic aircraft carrier the USS Midway where they do more push-ups and pull-ups alongside jets, helicopters, and other aircraft on the now floating museum, all to raise money for the next generation of transitioning warriors. 

 The Honor Foundation and the work they do for Special Operators by translating the invaluable experience all these brave men and women have, into new skill sets that allow them to change not only the direction of their life's journey but that of their communities as well.

 The Swim for SOF is made up of those men and women who have gone on to do amazing things using the knowledge they gained during their time with The Honor Foundation, First responders and the community of San Diego.

 Having experienced the benefits that THF provides they gladly sacrifice their Saturday to raise funds so that others may go on to reap the same benefits and continue to add value to the USA in other powerful ways. 

 True heroes' work is never done and they are shining examples that true operators always give back 10 fold and leave things better than they found them. Embodying honor and foundation.

Allowing people to build upon the shoulders of heroes with the guidance of the great. 


Special thanks to the Honor Foundation Founder and Navy Veteran Joe Musselman shown in front of the Naked Warrior statue with Jeff, and the founder of Swim for SOF and Navy SEAL - Jason Rivers for creating this powerful event and foundation.



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