The Danish Frogmen come to Miami

The Danish Frogmen come to Miami

Danish Frogmen have spent the last two weeks in Miami training MMA at Fight Sports Miami and wore Sunga Life while they trained. It was a great reunion with the founder of Sunga Life and his Danish Counterparts from Copenhagen. Jeff had previously trained in San Diego where he was Lead Petty Officer of Combatives with a Danish Frogman guest instructor “John Wayne”. After developing a close relationship with the Danes, the West Coast SEALs were invited to go to Copenhagen and train the Frogmen at their base for two weeks to stand up a new and advanced Combatives and prisoner handling program there.

The following year “John Wayne” came back to San Diego for a new advanced course where he would train with advanced operators for many weeks to continue the relationship between US SEALs and their Danish counterparts. It’s been several years since Jeff and the Danes have gotten together with their heavy deployment cycle and Jeff being out of the Navy, but he was able to set up some top MMA and Combatives training in Miami since there are several top fighters and schools based here.

Jeff set up training with his friend and Sunga Life sponsored MMA fighter Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante for private training at Fight Sports Miami where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu is the owner. Pro MMA fighter Mitch Aguiar, the Smashin Frog and founder of MASF Supplments, came down for training too as he is longtime friends with “John Wayne” and a former East Coast Combatives Instructor and Navy SEAL. All the Frogmen got together with high level fighters and jiu jitsu practitioners and had a great trip and enjoyed the Miami Sun, training, and Sunga Life!

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