Are you your mind or your body? Are you your thoughts? If you are your thoughts, which one are you? I have made the decision to always be my second and third thought.

 Especially when times are tough. Sometimes the second thought tells you to take more time to decide. Sometimes it tells you to think about it differently. The one thing it always says is don't give up. Never quit. Do it for your family. Do it for God. Do it for the reason you get up in the morning.

When everything Hurts and Hope is far from view. Your first thought can be out of fear… Telling you to run.

To take control and fight is the hard choice. That is why I always choose to make it. It is what allows me to grow and always be developing.

That is why my favorite line in the SEAL creed is I AM NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT!


I choose to be the driver of my life, not the passenger. If we can not control our own lives, what can we control? Our thoughts are always the first point for us to take control back. What are we consuming mentally?

Are you reading and putting your mind to work or do you binge some streaming content because you are tired? All of these simple choices have big consequences.

How often are you choosing what is easy instead of what is hard? Easy is never the path to growth and transformation. You need to cut through the dense jungle of your old habits to find the path to the newer, better you.

If you do not fight for yourself then who will?

Who on this planet is so obsessed with you that they are going to drop everything they are doing to save you.

This is not a movie and you are not a victim.

Unless you make yourself one. Is it time to pivot, attack or regroup? 

Only you know the answer.


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