Rudy Reyes. A Transformational hero. Evolution is a state of mind.

Rudy Reyes. A Transformational hero. Evolution is a state of mind.

Rudy Reyes. Transformational is not a banner that most people hold comfortably. To go from a boy's home and orphan to American hero, conservationist and actor. Rudy puts the banner behind his ear and gets to work.


Inspired by a documentary about the war in Kosovo and the child underground orphanage that appeared to help people defend their homeland. For him, the choice to become a warrior for good in the world was an easy one. He enlisted in the 90’s and got to work.

He became 1 of 300 Recon Marines in a Marine Corps of 300,000 to receive the Globe and Anchor . After 4 years of training he found himself onboard a ship when 9/11 happened, which lead him to be one of the first responders in the War on Terror. 

We played a vital role on the ground in Iraq and North Africa. His Platoon was renowned for leading 50 000 Marines in the invasion of Iraq. Which is the basis of the Generation Kill ( in which he played himself)  on HBO. He is chief Instructor for SAS Who Dares Wins in the UK and the USA season 7

When he finally returned home without a mission and free of his obligations to the Military he like so many other noble veterans had troubles with drugs and alcohol. His lack of having a mission left him rudderless as when you are always serving a cause to have it taken away from you leaves a space that needs to be filled by something.



He was fortunate to be invited on a diving expedition in The Cayman Islands. For him it was the first time he got to use his skills for pleasure and immerse himself in the beauty of the ocean.

“All the Coral and sea life is damaged by the errors of humanity. Innocent creatures that did not ask for any of this. I knew we had to do something. It is easy to do the right thing and stand up when no one else will when you make doing the right thing your mission.”


The Force Blue Mission was born as he realized that someone had to step up. And he was happy to do it. For the last 7 years Force Blue has become a savior of so much above and below the waterline by giving the amazing men and women of the USA who have served in the military a new mission and cause to be a part of. Sponsored by PepsiCo and the NFL the 3C NPO has become a force for the change Rudy wanted to see in the world.


From building smart coral reefs that will help the people of South Carolina prepare for natural disasters ahead of time, to cleaning the ocean and saving sea turtles. His missions never stop and he has been able to transform his trauma into a cause that everyone can rally behind.

The Team at Sunga Life thank Rudy for his years of selfless service. We appreciate his friendship and all he has done for the world and the USA.

A hero is not a word that is given out lightly but we would happily bestow it on Rudy along with all of his other medals.

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