Summer of the Sunga. What is a Sunga, How to wear one, And why every guy needs one

Summer of the Sunga. What is a Sunga, How to wear one, And why every guy needs one

Sunga’s are designed to be the best swim experience for men. For too long North American men have been wearing long board shorts, while the rest of the Planet has has embraced the trend of shorter shorts(The Guardian: Thigh society: why men’s shorts are getting shorter). It is time to change that.

Sunga’s originate from Brazil. Having both the style and functionality that is superior to regular board shorts. The Sunga is designed and cut to create a horizontal band around the waist so that it is loose in the front and form fitting in the back. This differs from a typical Speedo due to its superior design, all round fit and non-tapered cut; the tapered cut creates a triangle shape versus the horizontal shape of a Sunga which is much more flattering to all male body types.

The way men wear a Sunga is by starting the day wearing a Sunga underneath regular shorts (or board shorts). Shorts are practical for everything but swimming. When it’s time to jump in the water the shorts and everything in the pockets - phone, wallet, keys - are left behind so that men are swimming in just the Sunga. After they’re out of the water the Sunga’s dry almost instantly, so that they aren’t walking around in soggy board shorts.

Sunga’s are a requirement in many pools in Brazil due to hygiene. If men go from sitting in public in wet board shorts then jumping into a pool they carrying anything that sat in with them into the water. It’s the same idea of taking off your shoes but keeping your socks on, when inside some people’s home.

Aside from the practical benefits of swimming in a Sunga it just simply feels better than shorts. There is less drag which makes flowing through the water feel more natural. There are some men who will even workout outdoors in Sunga’s to have have that feeling of freedom, plus get a more complete tan.

The hesitations about exposing too much thigh has been fading for years brought on by a trend of celebrities wearing shorter shorts (Harpers Bazar: **Men, It’s Time to Free Those Thighs).** You’ll never see The Rock in shorts anywhere close to his knees (they are called shorts, not mediums)(Instagram: The Rock). Sunga’s are the next step in this phase. And, if men still have hesitations about being too exposed in a Sunga, they can start by trying a dark low contrast color such as black or a patterned design such as camo. For $39.99 Sungas are worth trying at least once for every guy.

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