Sunga Life at Miami Swim Week 2022

Sunga Life at Miami Swim Week 2022

Sunga Life at Miami Swim Week - Tiger Camo Bikini


SUNGA LIFE announced that it will bring together Supermodels and Superheroes at Miami Swim Week where fashion will meet function while moving beyond a brand to Redefine Freedom, Fun, Service, & Sun Friday at the SLS South Beach at 10pm. Sunga Life was founded while Navy SEAL Jeff Gum while on active duty as a Combatives Instructor. Planning for a future sometimes means that you have to create it. Jeff discovered the Sunga while training with MMA legends from the Gracie Family in Brazil.

The freedom of movement was essential for such a dynamic individual, so adoption was easy and soon his friends were clamouring for their own sungas.

The brand was born and using his reenlistment bonus he funded and launched Sunga Life focusing on camo and patriotic prints. Jeff’s concept of Freedom goes beyond movement and his thoughts of service beyond self. As a true patriot always looking to serve in dynamic ways Jeff focused on his philanthropic passions which led him to participate and sponsor many extreme charity events like the first Swim for SOF in honour of the memory of fallen brothers who lost their lives preserving freedom since 9/11 and the last three years with The Hudson SEAL Swim in NYC.

Sunga Life at Miami Swim Week - Red Baewatch Bikini

He is thrilled for these warriors to be wearing Sunga Life during these events. True to his favorite line of the SEAL creed “I am never out of the fight” he has been developing workouts for The Adaptive Training Foundation  and running rescue missions with Force Blue to save the seas that have been such a large influence on his life. All done in the comfort of a Sunga. Showing that a true man has nothing to hide and is defined by his labors.

Sunga Life at Miami Swim Week - Jeff in USA Split Flag Sunga

“You choose how the world sees you, be greater than an image, become the example of what you want to see in the world”

It is clear that Jeff Gum has decided to become the living embodiment of what Sunga Life stands for; Freedom to be happy and free as an American, Challenge himself and the world by striving for excellence no matter how hard the path, Improvement of the organisation as well as himself in every facet of life and service to the people and organisations that make America great by honoring the memories and meanings of the sacrifices made by so many to keep freedom the birth right of every American.

From a small farm in Pennsylvania to the battlefields of Iraq, the Jungles of Brazil and the mats of MMA gyms, Jeff Gum has always picked the right tools for the job. Proof that you can look great while saving sea turtles and striving to raise money for those in need and honoring the fallen. Jeff Gum and Sunga Life are proof that with a strong vision and drive that a single person can be the change they want to see in the world and an inspiration for others to do the same.

Sunga Life at Miami Swim Week 2022 - Loudmouth Patriot Bikini


Sunga Life at Miami Swim Week - Multicam Black Sunga

Sunga Life at Miami Swim Week - Red Baewatch Silkies


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