The Patriot, The World, The Prints

The Patriot, The World, The Prints

What is a hero? Someone that will go to places you do not dare, do the things that you can not imagine. Kaj Larsen is a warrior poet with an emphasis on the warrior. Having Served as a LT Commander in the SEAL’s during Operation Enduring Freedom, fighting for what is right is not something new to him.

Work Hard Train Hard

Always looking to be the change he wants to see in the world, when Russia invaded the Ukraine, for Kaj the choice was simple. Freedom needed brave men and he is always ready to do the right thing, so got himself on the ground on the 11th day of the conflict. He then spent the next 2 weeks of the organizing safe passage for the innocent while preparing the Brave for the fight to come over the next 6. Ukrainian Patriots defending their homeland in the day and working to support their families in the night. Often times for US based companies.

Through his career he has been a correspondent for Vice, CNN, NowThis and currentTV. He has been in the trenches, walking through war zones with a running camera, open eyes and a focus on the truth. 

His a passion for telling the hard tale that the world needs to hear is unrivaled. Whether it be the truth about water boarding or the chaos created by a petty dictator on a quest for power. Truth is something that is so integral to Kaj that it is an honor for him to be part of the team.

We are proud to have him model our New World Sunga collection. The Ukrainian Sunga was the obvious choice as . Sunga Life’s World Flags Collection, designed to allow everyone to share their patriotism with people they interact with. Becoming ambassadors, shining examples of people connecting from all over the Planet. We believe in a singular humanity and putting heroes in the limelight. We may wear different flags but we are all people who deserve Freedom and Respect.

Sunga Life might be a swimwear brand but we stand for much more than just looking good. As a brand that raises money for noble causes we have always strived to be a force for good. When we stand together it is easy to be the change the world needs.

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