Naked Warrior Camo 4-Way Stretch Board Shorts | Sunga Life Men's

All the Sunga Life Naked Warrior Camo Performance 4-Way Stretch Board Shorts!

Our Camo Board Shorts are in we have the raddest patterns and most comfortable 4-way stretch Micro-Material. Have a right and left pocket with a zipper pocket to conceal and keep safe keys or money. Zipper on the back is big enough to hold a cell phone easily and keep it secure.

Draw String Pulls Tight and material has 4-Way Stretch to Give you the perfect fit if you are an inch above or below the exact size listed below:

SIZING (in):

*runs about an inch big plus has 4-way stretch so if you are in-between sizes go with the smaller size*






INSEAM is 6 inches and LENGTH is 15 inches