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🔱  Multicam Black Naked Warrior Camo 🔱 

🔱  Naked Warrior 🔱  Multicam Black Sunga Life Silkies have burst on the scene and are here to stay. You can rock these shorts when working out or anytime you are ready to Peacock and show off the quad game.  Come with a built-in black lycra liner. Being 100% lycra makes these the most comfortable silkies ever!

These ranger panties have the same fun and vibrant prints as the famous Sunga Life sungas and are made of the highest quality lycra. They make great swimwear as well as training shorts and are guaranteed to get you the best tans. 


All Silkies come with a durable drawstring so you can pull tight for the perfect fit and use as Silkies Swimwear! Elastic drawstring makes sizing easy so it fits numerous waist sizes so it depends how you like your fit if you are in the middle of sizes (Size 34 for example).

Small: 26-29 with an elastic waistband that stretches for perfect fit

Medium : 29-34 with an elastic waistband that stretches easily and comfortably.

XL (Really Large-XL) : 34-38

XXL : 37-40

INSEAM is 3 inches and LENGTH is 9 inches to get your thighs the healthy tan they always wanted!!